HCS7600 Series – Double Vacuum Debulking Chamber (DVDC)

HCS7600 Series – Double Vacuum Debulking Chamber (DVDC)

The HCS7600 series DVD Chamber is a custom designed, double vacuum, debulking chamber used for pre-curing composite repair patches resulting in a near-autoclave quality repair. DVD Chamber operation is an operator and/or repair-specific combination of traditional Hot Bonder controlled heat and bag-vacuum with operator controlled chamber vacuum. The DVD Chamber is capable of holding -28in hg vacuum over an extended period of time and is adjustable via facility supplied vacuum regulation.

  • Locking / Rolling Casters
  • Built-in Vacuum Regulator
  • Pneumatically Operated Chamber Lid
  • Hot Bonder Interface Panel to pass Control and Power through the platen to the chamber interior
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Super-smooth table surface
  • Sight Glass and Interior Task Light on 48″ sq. and Larger


  • Storage shelves, and drawers


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