HCS2910 – Composite Curing Oven

HCS2910 – Composite Curing Oven

Our HCS2910 series ovens have been designed to meet demanding composite curing requirements. Airflow patterns maximize temperature uniformity throughout the oven and provide rapid ramp rates. Digital controls, and power switching components ensure accurate temperature control. With every oven, we offer installation and startup assistance.

• Ramp rates to 350°F at up to 8°F/minute
• Cool down rate controlled to 3°F/minute
• Temperature uniformity /- 10°F
• Recirculating airflow
• Maximum operation temperature of 450°F
• Standard Construction: Insulated Panels and Flooring
• Aluminized Steel surfaces
• Electric or gas heating option
• Double front opening doors
• Double wall construction
• Industrial grade hinges with FM approved safety latches
• High temperature insulation and gaskets
• Painted in medium blue, or your choice of color
• Internal vacuum connections
• Internal temperature monitoring thermocouple jacks Options

• Ramping/Profiling temperature controller with circular chart recorder and high limit control.
• Hot bonder oven controller


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