HCS2510-09 – Bagging Kit

HCS2510-09 – Bagging Kit


Everything needed for temporary and permanent repair of composite structures assembled in one convenient kit. Estimated coverage is nine repairs of 10in (25.4cm) in diameter. Other materials available upon request.

Note: Resin not included. Please call for pricing and delivery.

• HCS2101-04-60V, 3yds – Bagging Film, Nylon
• HCS2102-10, 1yd – Breather/Bleeder
• HCS2108-NP, 1yd – Release Film, Non-Perforated
• HCS2108-P, 1yd – Release Film, Perforated
• HCS2114, 1roll – Flash Tape
• HCS2125, 2rolls – Sealant Tape
• HCS2112, 1yd – Peel Ply, Nylon
• HCS2410-010, 1yd – Fabric, Fiberglass, Bleeder


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