HCS2403-015 – HEXCEL Kevlar™ Prepreg F155-71

HCS2403-015 – HEXCEL Kevlar™ Prepreg F155-71

The HEXCEL Kevlar Prepreg F155 is an advanced modified epoxy formulation designed for autoclave curing to offer very high laminate strengths, coupled with increased fracture toughness and adhesive properties.  The HexPly® F155 will pass MIL-R-9300, co-cure as a honeycomb facing, and bond metal to metal.

Manufacturer Specifications:
  • BMS8-219
Packaging and Shipping:
  • This product requires HEATCON’s Dry Ice Packaging Services
  • Overnight (next day) or 2-day shipping available
Product Available UOM Price Quantity
5 yard cut - HCS2403-015-05
10 yard cut - HCS2403-015-10
Full Roll (38in x 65yds) - HCS2403-015

The HEXCEL Kevlar Prepreg F155 has a controlled flow in the basic formulation to offer balanced tool and bagside sandwich peels. It can be adapted for use on various weaves and fiber reinforcements.

Features Include:

  • High laminate strengths
  • Good sandwich panel and metal-to-metal bonding
  • Self-extinguishing properties
  • Long out time when uncured
  • Good tack and drape properties

Specifications Available:

Spec OEM Name Type Class Style Rev
BMS8-219 Boeing 285

Specifications Overview:

  • Manufacturer #: Hexcel HexPly F155-71
  • Fiber: Kev. 49 1140
  • Weave: Crowfoot
  • Storage: Below 10°F (-12°C)
  • MSDS & Manufacturer’s Certification provided

We offer the Hexcel Kevlar Prepreg F155-71 in the following:

  • 5 yard cut
  • 10 yard cut
  • Full Roll (38in x 65yds)

Dry Ice Packaging Services: For composite materials that require to be in freezing temperatures while in transit, Heatcon Composites Systems offers Dry Ice Packaging Services. Our Dry Ice Packaging Services include:

  • Standard corrugated, 100% recyclable cardboard boxes (sizes vary)
  • Foam-lined box for insulation
  • Dry ice packets
    • US Domestic Shipments – 30lbs (14kg)
    • International Shipments – 80lbs (36kg)
  • 2- Temperature recorders (two are added in case one fails)
  • Suspended cores for prepreg and film adhesives rolls
  • Necessary documentation for certified material


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