HCS2034-01 – Blade Clamp

HCS2034-01 – Blade Clamp

The HCS2034 series Blade Clamps are custom designed to be used on-location or localized “on-blade” repairs that require a positive pressure application.

By having the ability to repair blades on the aircraft, the need for track and balance is greatly reduced, giving you additional labor and operation cost savings.
The bladder assembly and/or padded base can be reversed for even greater possibilities.

Custom configurations are available upon request.

• Weight – 31lbs
• Dimensions –  39.375in x 14.75in
• Operating Pressure – 15psi
• Pressure Bladder Area – 12.5in x 12.5in (31.75cm x 31.75cm)
• Adjustable Height and Pressure Area Placement


• Leading Edge
• Trailing Edge

  • HCS2034 Single Bladder Clamp
  • HCS2034-05 Dual Bladder Clamp


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