HCS2030 – Thermowelder

HCS2030 – Thermowelder

Our HCS2030 Thermowelder provides a foolproof system for ensuring quality welded junctions for both type “J” and “K” thermocouples. Few things are more exasperating than having a composite part ruined by faulty thermocouple readings during its cure. Twisted wire junctions are susceptible to splitting open under pressure, and silver solder type welds often leave unwanted marks on the finished product. Our thermowelder provides a low profile micro-bead welded junction which eliminates thermocouple markoff and breaks.

• Weight – 9.5lbs (4.3 Kg)
• Dimensions – 11in x 8in x 7.75in (279.4mm x 203.2mm x 196.8mm)
• Input Power – 120V or 240V/50-60 Hz

NOTE: HTW-WP Weldpower 4oz sold separately.


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