Mobile Vacuum Bagging Solutions

Mobile Vacuum Bagging Solutions

Pre-assembled Kits* HEATCON provides material kits required for temporary and permanent repairs. With the materials pre-cut and bundled, it gives technicians the convenience of a “grab-and-go” option. Estimated coverage is nine repairs of 10 inches in diameter.

3M™ Sky Products Achieve an efficient and faster way of removing residue.  3M Sky Scrapers by Elixair are hand-held tools that are excellent in removing existing cured sealant and adhesives. Combine the scrapers with SkyGrip for added operator comfort and safety or the 3M SkyMill Revolution Sharpener™ to keep your tools sharp and ready-to-use.

Ultrasonic Leak Detector Easily detect and locate sources of vacuum leaks through the use of sophisticated electronic circuitry. The Ultrasonic Leak Detector, HCS2038-02, incorporates an internal noise control that eliminates interference from audible noise and detects only high frequency sounds caused by vacuum leaks.

*Resin not included.


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