Achieving Uniform Heat Distribution

Achieving Uniform Heat Distribution

Thermocouple Placement Proper thermocouple placement is crucial to monitoring temperature to avoid unacceptable heat variation on a repair. Using multiple thermocouples on a repair, properly placed, can reduce the possibilities of failures. Knowing these tips will save you time and money when processing the repair.

Quick Tips for Placement:

1.     Heat blankets typically have a 2” cold spot on the edges, placing thermocouples toward the middle away from the edges, ensures accurate readings

2.     Add a layer of flash tape over the thermocouple head to secure it

3.     When using a caul plate, tape thermocouples on the plate’s
surface, away from the repair

Maintain Thermocouple Quality Twisted wire junctions are susceptible to splitting open under pressure, and silver solder type welds can leave unwanted marks on the finished product. One way to avoid this is by using HEATCON’s Thermowelder, which provides a foolproof system for ensuring quality welded junctions for both type “J” and “K” thermocouples. This product provides a low profile micro-bead welded junction which eliminates thermocouple mark-off and breaks.


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