Heat Blanket Selection

Heat Blanket Selection

Heat blankets are essential to assuring bond strength.
In addition to high-quality design and manufacturing, selecting the right type of blanket is important in achieving thermal uniformity. Below lists the types of heat blankets used in different repair applications.

Rectangular The most commonly used heat blanket. Best used for standard repairs with flat surface structures consisting of the same composite material.

Round The round-shaped heat blanket aligns with circular repair lay-ups. The shape is intended for quick and fast repairs where space and time is very limited.

Stretchable Stretchable blankets are used for repairs with complex curves. Its flexible characteristics enable it to ‘stretch’ or conform to parts for even heat distribution.

Multi-zone This blanket has two or more heat zones that can be controlled independently. It is applied to parts that need different heat applications in a repair, such as large part sizes.

Dual Density This blanket is thicker at the edges to reduce heat loss and retain heat throughout the circuitry. This design is practical for repairs in the field with space constraint.

3-Dimensional These blankets are custom designed for contoured parts, such as radomes. The 3D blanket eliminates the need for multiple blankets for complex shapes, thereby decreasing the risk of overlapping blankets that may affect cure temperatures.

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