HCS2401-076 – Toray Fiberglass Prepreg FGF108-29M-990

HCS2401-076 – Toray Fiberglass Prepreg FGF108-29M-990

The Toray 3900-series prepregs are highly-toughened 350°F (177°C) cure systems. These prepreg materials have been used successfully in multiple applications, including aircraft primary structures, for over 25 years.

Toray T800/3900-series prepregs are used exclusively in Boeing 787 fuselage, wing, and empennage structures.

Manufacturer Specifications:
  • BMS8-331
Packing and Shipping:
  • This product requires HEATCON’s Dry Ice Packaging Services
  • Overnight (next day) or 2-day shipping available
Minimum Purchase:
  • 50 yard cut

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Product Available UOM Price Quantity
50 yard cut - HCS2401-076-50
Full Roll (39in x 214yds) - HCS2401-076

Toray’s 3900-series prepregs are highly-toughened 350°F (177°C) cure systems. High strength fiber is combined with particulate interlayer toughening to reduce delamination and increase fracture toughness, impact resistance, and environmental resistance.

Features include:

  • High TG (hot/wet and dry) resin system suitable for primary aircraft structure applications
  • Highly toughened system providing excellent impact resistance
  • Uniform resin content and no-bleed resin system
  • Mechanical working life of product is over 40 days, allowing for lay-up of large parts

Specifications Available:

Spec OEM Name Type Class Style Form
BMS8-331 Toray 42 1 108 1

Specifications Overview:

  • Manufacturer #: Toray FGF108
  • Nominal Cured Thickness: .0018in (0.045mm)
  • Cure Temp: 350°F (177°C)
  • Storage requirements: At or below 10°F

We offer the HCS2401-076 Toray Fiberglass Prepreg FGF108-29M-990 in the following:

  • 50 yard cut (minimum purchase)
  • Full Roll (39in x 214yds)

Dry Ice Packaging Services: For composite materials that require to be in freezing temperatures while in transit, Heatcon Composites Systems offers Dry Ice Packaging Services. Our Dry Ice Packaging Services include:

  • Standard corrugated, 100% recyclable cardboard boxes (sizes vary)
  • Foam-lined box for insulation
  • Dry ice packets
    • US Domestic Shipments – 30lbs (14kg)
    • International Shipments – 80lbs (36kg)
  • 2- Temperature recorders (two are added in case one fails)
  • Suspended cores for prepreg and film adhesives rolls
  • Necessary documentation for certified material


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