HCS2036-06 – Metal Bond Tool Kit

HCS2036-06 – Metal Bond Tool Kit

Our Metal Bond Repair Tool Kit includes a selection of tools necessary for performing most metal bond repairs. All items are supplied in a compact, impact resistant carrying case. Lightweight Compact Size Easy to Use Items Can Be Ordered Individually Portable – Ready for Any Field Repair

Router Motor Accessories and Attachments
Router Bits – Taper Pin – 4ea

HCS2036-01-017 0.128in x 2.25in (3.3mm x 5.72cm) 0.875in (22.2mm) 0.110in (2.8mm)
HCS2036-01-018 0.25in x 2.75in (6.4mm x 6.99cm) 1.25in (3.18cm) 0.224in (5.7mm)
HCS2036-01-018A 0.1875in x 2.5in (4.8mm x 6.35cm) 1.06in (2.55cm) 0.165in (4.2mm)

Cleco® Pliers Accessories and Attachments
Cleco® Pliers – 1ea


Clecos® Fasteners – 10ea
HCS2036-01-045A .09in (2.5mm) 0.5in (12.7mm)
HCS2036-01-045 0.125in (3.2mm) 0.5in (12.7mm)
HCS2036-01-046 0.16in (4.0mm) 0.5in (12.7mm)
HCS2036-01-047 0.19in (4.8mm) 0.5in (12.7mm)
HCS2036-01-048 0.25in (6.4mm) 0.5in (12.7mm)

Clecos® Side Grip Clamp – 10ea
HCS2036-06-009 0.75in x 0.5in (19.1mm x 12.7mm) 0.25in (16.4mm)

Grinder Motor Accessories and Attachments
Sanding Pad Holders – 1ea
HCS2036-01-028 2in (5.08cm)
HCS2036-01-029 1in (2.54cm)

Sanding Disk – 25ea
HCS2036-01-030 2in (5.08cm) 80

Sanding Disk Bayonets – 25ea
HCS2036-01-031 1in (2.54cm) 80
HCS2036-01-040 1in (2.54cm) 120
HCS2036-01-041 2in (5.08cm) 120

Belt Sander Accessories and Attachments
Belt Sander – 1ea


Sanding Belts – 10ea
HCS2036-06-001-80 0.5in x 12in (12.7mm x 30.48cm) 80
HCS2036-06-001-120 0.5in x 12in (12.7mm x 30.48cm) 120

Drill Motor Drill Accessories and Attachments
Countersink Feed – Cage Assembly – 1ea

HCS2036-01-034 0.25in x 4in (6.4mm x 10.16cm)

.5in (12.7mm) Countersinks – Piloted, Carbide Tip – 1ea
HCS2036-01-035 0.125in pilot (3.175mm) 100°
HCS2036-01-036 0.156in pilot (3.96mm) 100°
HCS2036-01-037 0.188in pilot (4.76mm) 100°
HCS2036-01-038 0.25in pilot (6.35mm) 100°

Drill Stops – 1ea
HCS2036-01-060 #40
HCS2036-01-06 #30
HCS2036-01-062 #21
HCS2036-01-063 #11
HCS2036-01-063A #1/4

Drill Bits Carbide Tipped – 10ea
HCS2036-01-056A .094in (2.38mm) 135°
HCS2036-01-057A 0.125in (3.18mm) 135°
HCS2036-01-058A 0.156in (3.96mm) 135°
HCS2036-01-059G 0.188in (4.76mm) 135°
HCS25036-01-059H 0.25in (6.4mm) 135°

Drill Reamers – Solid Carbide – 1ea
HCS2036-01-010A .094in (2.38mm)
HCS2036-01-010 0.125in (3.2mm)
HCS2036-01-009 0.156in (3.96mm)
HCS2036-01-008 0.188in (4.76mm)
HCS2036-01-007 0.25in (6.4mm)

Drill Guide Housing – 1ea

Drill Guide Brushings
HCS2036-01-001B .094in (2.38mm)
HCS2036-01-001D 0.125in (3.18mm)
HCS2036-01-001F 0.156in (3.96mm)
HCS2036-01-001H 0.188in (4.76mm)
HCS2036-01-001J 0.25in (6.4mm)

Additional Tools and Accessories
Steel Rule – 1ea


Scribe, 10in (25.4cm) Metal – 2ea

Center Punch, Auto – 1ea

Replacement Punch – 6ea

Tap Hammer – 1ea

Motor Combination Cushion Grip Pliers – 6.5in (16.51cm) – 1ea

Aviation Snips – 1ea
Straight Cut HCS2036-06-001A
Left Cut HCS2036-06-011B
Right Cut HCS2036-06-011C

Case, Tool Kit

Placard, Tool Kit

Clamp, Side Grip – 10ea

Air Input FTG, Male, 0.25in Male NPT


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