HCS2036-05A – Composite Repair Tool Kit Supplemental

HCS2036-05A – Composite Repair Tool Kit Supplemental

The HCS2036-05A Composite Repair Tool Kit is designed as a supplement for our HCS2036-05-01 Composite Repair Tool Kit. This kit includes a popular selection of drills, drill stops, guides, reamers and countersinks. All are supplied in a durable, lightweight, impact resistant carrying case.

Reamer,Tapered Drill – 1ea
HCS2036-01-006A .09in (2.5mm)
HCS2036-01-006B 0.125in (3.2mm)
HCS2036-01-006C 0.16in (4.0mm)
HCS2036-01-006D 0.19in (4.2mm)
HCS2036-01-006E 0.25in (6.4mm)

Router Bit, Diamond Cut – 1ea
HCS2036-01-015A 0.25in (6.4mm)
HCS2036-01-015B 0.25in (6.4mm)
HCS2036-01-015C 0.187in( 4.75mm)
HCS2036-01-043A Burr Style
HCS2036-01-043B End Mill
HCS2036-01-043C Drill Point
HCS2036-01-044A Shear Compression

Roller, Steel – 1ea
HCS2036-01-054 2in (5.08cm) wide

Drill Bits Key Point – 1ea
HCS2036-01-059B .09in (2.5mm)
HCS2036-01-059C .0125in (3.2mm)
HCS2036-01-059D 0.16in (4.0mm)
HCS2036-01-059E 0.19in (4.8mm)
HCS2036-01-059F 0.25in (6.4mm)

Scribe – 1ea
HCS2036-01-114 10in (25.4cm)

Metal Knife, Cutting – 1ea
HCS2036-01-120A #2

Blade, Cutting – 10ea
HCS2036-01-120-18 #18
HCS2036-01-120-19 #19
HCS2036-01-120-24 #24

Ruler, Steel – 1ea
HCS2036-06-012 12in (30.48cm) Metal, 0.5in (12.7mm) wide


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