HCS2025 – Vacuum Generator

HCS2025 – Vacuum Generator

Our lightweight, rugged and portable vacuum generator is designed to provide regulatable vacuum pressure for a wide range of application.

The HCS2025 can achieve up to 28 Inches Hg or 933.33 Mb vacuum pressure. It can be used in conjunction with our composite repair systems for large area repairs or as a stand alone unit for wet lay-up repairs.

This unit features a vacuum gauge for precise readings and a brass regulator for exact control. Vacuum can be measured Inches Hg or Millibars. Positive Air Pressure of 80-100 PSI is needed to operate this device. Both single vacuum source or dual configurations are available.

The dual unit can be used to provide vacuum to two separate repairs or to provide vacuum to a double bag lay-up for use with our HCS2046 Phosphoric Acid Anodizing Kit.


  • Weight 4lbs (1.8kg)
  • Dimensions 10.25in x 6in x 5in
  • (26.04cm x 15.24cm x 12.7cm)


  • Weight 8 lbs (3.6 kg)
  • Dimensions 13.5 In X 9.0 In. X 8.0 In.
  • (330mm X 229mm X 203mm)


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