Watlow F4T is the perfect solution to AMS2750


In June of 2020, SAE International created a new revision (AMS2750 REV F) that redefines the requirements for thermal processing equipment used in metal heat treatment applications. Part of this requirement is to have digital recording equipment installed in your Thermal Processing Equipment by June of 2022. Thanks to an expanded distributor agreement between HEATCON® Composite Systems and Watlow®, we are equipped and ready to support the aerospace industry with the Watlow F4T, a fantastic data logger that meets the AMS2750 requirements.

The Watlow F4T meets more than just the digital recording requirements for AMS2750. By upgrading, you’ll meet:

  • Digital data logging files. Meets of AMS2750f
  • Readability of .1°f (or greater) meets of AMS2750f
  • Built in interpolation function. Meets of AMS2750f
  • Can be used as a replacement temperature control with option for multiple sensor inputs

The deadline for meeting the new requirements is coming up quickly. With a high demand for the top product in an industry with longer than normal lead times, the last thing you want to do is wait and be caught without the AMS approved equipment. As the Watlow® Authorized Distributer for the Aerospace Industry, we will make sure that your equipment is upgraded and that your operations have a successful integration of the F4T.

Watlow® F4T

The Watlow® F4T is a temperature process controller that offers a wide range of configurations, each one able to be custom tailored to meet the needs of your equipment. Easily install your new F4T with multiple mounting options and a wide variety of hardware issues for flexibility to suit your needs. A 4.3-inch touch screen with intuitive navigation, you’ll find that integrating the F4T is quick and simple. Featuring a barcode scan input, data entry has never been so quick and easy. Watlow has ensured this product is built to last by taking it through stringent testing, including water and vibration, so you can trust that your F4T wont fail you.

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