HC737130G42Z2 – Radome

HC737130G42Z2 – Radome

The need for custom shaped, flexible heat blankets in composite repair has increased dramatically in recent years with all of the emerging applications being performed. HEATCON® Composite Systems has both the experience and dedication to meet all of your custom heat blanket requirements from design to delivery. The nose cone, or radome, of an airplane is a highly sensitive and odd shape which requires a heat blanket designed for very specific form.


• Configurations for Boeing, Airbus, M-D.
• Other configurations available upon request
• Single Zone
• Mutli Zones
• Storage Fixture Available

BOEING 707 / 727 / 737
• Height 13in
• Watt Density 4
• Wattage Zone 1 – 1936
• Wattage Zone 2 – 2720


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