HC180180E52 – Heat Blanket

HC180180E52 – Heat Blanket

18in x 18in (45.7cm x 45.7cm) 220V, 1620 WATTS

Our Silicone rubber heat blankets are specifically designed for the repair of composite structures using vacuum bagging techniques. The unique construction of our heat blankets allows you to apply uniform heat exactly where you want it. Our design employs a grid of wound resistance wire vulcanized between two layers of fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber. This design features strength, flexibility, durability and even heat distribution.


•  Maximum Width – 48in (121.9cm) Unspliced
• Maximum Length – 136 In. (304.8cm) Unspliced
• Maximum Temperature – 500°F (232°C)
• Watt Density – 5 watts/In.2 (.8 watts/cm2)
• Standard Material – Textured Silicone Rubber
• Standard Leads – Teflon® insulated 600V/400°F (204°C)
• Standard Lead Length – 5 Ft. (152.4cm)
• Standard Input Power – 120V or 220/240V (others available)
• Double Bus Bar Construction – to Maximize Strain Relief
• External Tabs – Increase Heating Area


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