HEXCEL Dry Fabric Available, Ready to Ship!

Now Stocking Dry Fabric Material in our UK Office
Fulfills Specification BMS9-3 Fiberglass and BMS9-8 Carbon Fiber

The aerospace industry relies on fiber glass and carbon fiber dry fabrics for use in advanced composites. Today’s commercial aircraft industry uses this material in the design and manufacture of airplane parts such as:

  • Radomes
  • Interior paneling systems
  • Secondary structures (wing-to-body, leading edges, or flight control systems)
  • Engine and nacelles systems

At Heatcon, we understand the urgency to have material when needed for composite repairs, that’s why we’ve extended our material availability to our customers located in the UK region and the surrounding countries. As of October 2017, our UK Office is equipped with dry fabric that’s ready to ship at the lengths desired.

Here’s a list of materials that are ready to ship today in small quantities or in full rolls.

Part # Mfr Desc Spec Type Class Style Full Roll 
HCS2410-010 HEXCEL Fiberglass 120 BMS9-3 D 7 120 38in x 125yds
HCS2410-020 HEXCEL Fiberglass 1581 BMS9-3 H-2 7 1581 38in x 125yds
HCS2410-030 HEXCEL Fiberglass 7781 BMS9-3 H-3 7 7781 38in x 125yds
HCS2409-010 Textile Carbon Fiber 4243 BMS9-8 I 2 3K-135-8H 42in x 100yds
HCS2409-020 HEXCEL Carbon Fiber 282 BMS9-8 I 2 3K-70-PW 42in x 100yds

For more information about materials we stock or that meets manufacturer specifications, please contact our sales representative at +44(0)1480 410740 or email at ukinfo@heatcon.com.


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