Paid Time Off (PTO)

HEATCON® offers a progressive PTO program that combines vacation and sick leave into one bank of paid time off.  This policy allows employees greater flexibility than sick leave and vacation banks because PTO can be used for any reason.

This is a win-win situation for both the employee and HEATCON®.  This policy allows more time off for employees who do not typically use their sick leave as well as encouraging responsible time off practices.

Years of Service

Days Per Year

6 Months 9
1 Year 16
2 Years 17
3 Years 18
4 Years 19
5 Years 20
6-7 Years 21
8-9 Years 22
10-11 Years 23
12-13 Years 24
14-15 Years 25
16+ Years 26


Employees receive between 7-9 paid holidays, depending on the days in which the holidays fall.  *Details are provided to employees at the time of employment.


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