Employee Development


Training is one of our highest priorities. Effective employee training is essential to HEATCON®’s success; therefore, we provide each employee with on-the-job training.  In addition, our ISO 9001:2008 certification requires us to maintain accurate records of employee training.  Employee training topics include an orientation about the Company and our safety program and policies; technical, job specific skills training, electives and safety; and educational and personal growth programs. HEATCON® provides many ways for employees to grow, learn and progress. Our policy is to foster an environment of growth and opportunity and, whenever possible, to fill jobs from within the Company.

Tuition Assistance 

It is the Company’s desire to give every reasonable encouragement and opportunity to its employees in their efforts to improve proficiency in their present job and to prepare themselves for advancement. We encourage our employees to explore their career growth opportunities, and our Tuition Assistance program reflects this belief. This program will reimburse a portion of eligible courses related to an employee’s career growth or to developing and fine-tuning the skills needed in current positions.

*Details are provided to employees at the time of employment.


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