HCS2710 Series – Walk-In Freezer

HCS2710 Series – Walk-In Freezer

The HCS2710 Walk-in freezers are a necessity for larger composite repair facilities. The freezers allow for bulk material storage with easy access. Standard sizes are listed below.
* You will need to hire a refrigeration contractor to install the freezer and charge the system with refrigerant. (not included with purchase)

Sizes Available:
  • 8ft L x 8ft W x 8ft 7in H
  • 8ft L x 12ft W x 8ft 7in H
  • 12ft L x 12ft W x 8ft 7in H
  • 12ft L x 16ft W x 8ft 7in H
  • 12ft L x 20ft W x 8ft 7in H

• 26 gauge embossed galvanized steel, aluminum coated
• Smooth aluminum floor
• Integral thermometer, and lighting
• Heavy duty hinges and hardware
• Refrigerants are CFC-free (non-ozone depleting)
• 36In. wide self closing door with emergency release
• Temperature rating to -10°F
• Timed defrost system built in

• External access ramp
• Temperature chart recorder
• Strip curtains


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